Jordan Omley and Michael Mani

Michael Mani and Jordan Omley, better known collectively as The JAM,

are an American Grammy award winning record production and songwriting team. Originating from the bay area, The JAM moved their production studio to Los Angeles in 2001and soon began collaborating with artists ranging from The Backstreet Boys to Leona Lewis. Over the last decade, that list has expanded to creating songs for Lady Gaga, producing Michael Bolton’s current album Just One Love, collaborating with music icon Mariah Carey and a Grammy award for their work on Carlos Santana’s Supernatural album. Primarily achieving success in the world of pop and R and B, The JAM has the ability to work on a wide range of musical styles drawing from Mani’s heavy rock and R/B roots combined with Omley’s deep hip hop background. Together they continue to work closely with the record industry’s top labels, developing material for their artists such as The Pussycat Dolls, Brandy, J-Lo, Ray J, and Jo Jo. Recently, when asked about The JAM’s goals for the New Year, Mani said “We’ve always been at the forefront of making hits for major labels and now its time for us to make an imprint of our own with our own artists”. That’s precisely what The JAM is doing. After recently signing Dylan Thomas, a 20-year singer songwriter from Los Angeles and 14-year-old super talent Becky G, Mani and Omley have been creating a sound of their own for each of these acts. Omley says, “The best part about developing young talent is the ability to craft a new sound from scratch, something that will make an impact and get peoples attention”. The JAM has done it all from having numerous top ten hits, to incredible writing collaborations with super producers Rodney “Dark child” Jerkins, Jim Jonsin and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. The JAM has also had much success in other areas of industry, including several commercials and TV series theme songs, to scoring films, video games and even creating the title song for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder.